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Legal Research

I specialize in providing expert legal research services to attorneys throughout the U.S.

Don’t trust your research – and your reputation – to just anyone. I have years of first-hand appellate and litigation experience and have access to a wealth of resources that are generally not available to the solo or small firm practitioner.

Lawyers Research Group – we provide expert legal research services to attorneys throughout the country. Whether it be federal, state or administrative law, Ryan can help.

Resources on Par With Large Firms

I have access to case law, statutes and administrative material in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico). I also have access to complete state and U.S. legislative histories, as well as state and federal annotated rules of procedure.

I have access to a wealth of secondary source materials and treatises, including Moore’s Federal Practice, Appleman on Insurance, Corbin on Contracts, the Restatement, and others.

I have access to jury verdicts in all 50 states, as well as access to over 900 law reviews and similar journals.

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