Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Lawyers Research Group for my next project?

In short, because this is what I excel at. Legal research and writing is what I’ve done for a decade now, and it shows. Your work will be personally performed by myself, Ryan Mazur, a licensed and experienced Florida attorney. By contracting this work out at an affordable price, you can stay profitable and have time to do the things you enjoy.

Unlike some competitors, I don’t send your work to unidentified third-parties, and I don’t use non-lawyer “project managers” as a middle-man between you and your work product. You’ll deal directly with me through every step of the process. Guaranteed.

Do you provide legal research and other services to attorneys outside the state of Florida?

Absolutely. Prior to forming the company, I litigated cases in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and Georgia. Since forming Lawyers Research Group, I have researched issues in virtually every other state, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. I am comfortable researching issues in whatever state you practice in.

How much do you charge?

My standard hourly rate is $105/hr. It’s the bottom-line price you pay.  I don’t charge my clients for Westlaw/Lexis usage, telephone calls, faxing, copying or other miscellaneous or hidden charges. I also don’t bill any time for e-mail summaries, which are provided absolutely free of charge.

How does the process work?

When you call about a potential new project, we’ll discuss what services you are looking for, and the deadline you’re facing. I can provide supplemental legal authority for an existing motion, or I can draft a signature ready document from scratch. I am happy to work within a limited budget and offer flat-fee pricing where applicable. Give me a call today, and we can structure a custom fee arrangement for your next research and drafting project.

More information about my qualifications and how I operate can be found here.

I'm in a hurry. How quickly can you help?

I realize that sometimes you need an immediate answer to a legal issue. Don’t go to your next hearing unprepared – give me a call instead. In many cases, and depending on the issue, I can have case law for your next hearing ready in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll never be unprepared again.

Do you outsource your work?

Never. Unlike some competitors, I don’t outsource any work to paralegals, law students or foreign attorneys. All of your work will performed in-house, by myself. You can feel comfortable knowing your time sensitive work is being performed by an experienced and licensed Florida attorney.

What services do you provide?

My company specializes in legal research and writing. I am licensed to practice in Florida, but I have researched legal issues in jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Whether it’s state law, federal law, administrative law, or foreign law, you pay the same hourly rate. No Westlaw or Lexis up-charges, no administrative expenses, and no surprises.

I pride myself on providing full service legal research and writing assistance, and often perform due diligence, deposition preparation, document review, and other services for my regular clients. More details on the services I provide can be found here.

How do you handle conflicts of interest?

For those assignments that present a potential conflict of interest situation, I will request some basic information regarding your case, including the parties and attorneys involved. This information is cross-referenced against work I have performed in the past, to ensure that I have not performed services for any opposing party and that no conflict exists.

How do I know that my information will be kept confidential?

I am committed to maintaining my customer’s confidence and trust. I only request information that is absolutely relevant to the research / drafting issues at hand, and I never discuss research projects or cases with others.

Unlike some large research firms who assign work to third-parties, your case information will be known only to myself. I take the issue of confidentiality very seriously. In hiring my company to work for you, I am bound by the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct to maintain information about you, your client and your case in strict confidence.

Once you get started on a project, are you available to talk? Do you provide updates?

I pride myself on returning calls promptly. With emails, I typically respond within minutes. I will keep you informed of any developments that may arise during the project, and I am available to discuss the research and analyze the issues at your convenience, whether via email or over the phone.

how can we help you?

Contact Ryan to discuss your next project, or submit a project inquiry online.

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