Why You Need Personalized Legal Research

One of the things that separates my services from most competitors is that I deliver personalized legal research and legal writing services. Unlike many other legal research companies, I will personally perform your legal research and writing work. There are no “project managers” who farm your assignment out to an unknown third-party. And you don’t have to worry about your work being performed by a paralegal, law student or foreign attorney. You get personalized, professional legal research and writing from a licensed and experienced attorney.

I understand that it’s your client relationship – and your reputation – that’s on the line. You’re the one who files the work product, and you’re the one who has to stand before the judge and argue the issue. I take that responsibility very seriously.  That’s why I approach every project as if it were my own – like my own name and reputation were on the line.

There are numerous benefits to adding an experienced legal research attorney to your team. I have regular clients that involve me in their “high value” cases, on a project basis. After a short time, I’ve developed a solid understanding of the facts and issues involved in the entire case, and can hit the ground running (and save you time and money) on additional research or writing projects. For regular clients, there are times where I will provide my services at a heavily discounted rate, with the understanding that future work will make up for the difference. This happens frequently when a regular client is retained on a smaller personal injury case – where the attorney himself is paying my fee, and costs are an issue.

Call me today and let’s talk about how I can provide personalized and cost effective legal research services to your firm.

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