How Outsourcing Legal Writing Services Can Streamline Your Business

I specialize in helping solo and small firm lawyers compete with larger firms, which typically have resources that many smaller firms cannot match. Unlike most competitors, I don’t farm your project out to other lawyers. I will personally provide these legal research and legal writing services.

Outsourcing this legal research and writing work can help you streamline your business, and there are several benefits to using a legal research lawyer. The primary reason is time. As a solo or small firm lawyer, you’re not always in full control of your calendar, and many times, attorneys are faced with an unexpected deadline. A big firm doesn’t have that problem, they just assign another associate to the task.

Using an experienced legal research lawyer can actually help your firm make more money. By outsourcing a portion of your workload, you can focus on finding new clients, networking and building your book of business. Many of my clients have practices that are busy enough to need the services of a research attorney on a project basis, but are not so busy that they need a full-time employee. Putting aside the tremendous costs associated with hiring a full-time associate, most of the time a new hire is unable to immediately contribute in any meaningful way. Most new associates, particularly recent law grads, will require weeks (if not months) of training before they are ready to provide competent research and legal writing services.

By hiring a legal research attorney, you not only avoid those overhead costs, but you can still improve your bottom-line by charging a premium on the outsourced work. The American Bar Association concluded that “a law firm that engaged a contract lawyer could add a surcharge to the cost paid by the billing lawyer provided the total charge represented a reasonable fee for the services provided to the client.” ABA Formal Opinion 08-451, quoting ABA Formal Opinion 00-420. Almost every other state bar association has reached the same conclusion.

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