Volume Discount for Legal Research Services

Did you know that in addition to a flat-fee pricing model, I also offer volume discounts to attorneys who use my legal writing or legal research services on a regular basis. Under this fee structure, I can perform legal research and writing work on any number of the cases you have pending – for an affordable, reduced hourly rate.

Think of me as an experienced associate. One who can quickly get up to speed and assist you with your caseload. Hiring a traditional associate to assist with research and writing requires a significant investment in your time and money. If you decide to hire a recent graduate or young lawyer, you’re looking at months of training, increased payroll costs, increased malpractice premiums, and a host of other employment issues. By using my services, you can add an experienced associate to your team, and obtain expert legal research services (and legal writing) at a discounted rate.

I have built several close relationships with attorneys that use my services using this pricing model. For attorneys who expect to use my services for 20 hours or more per month – this can be an affordable way to add legal research and writing firepower to your practice. Not only do you get the benefit of on-demand research and legal writing services, but you get an experienced lawyer who you can collaborate and formulate case strategies with. I am always happy to to discuss cases with my regular clients, and I never bill for the time spent on those matters.

I’ve found that this pricing model can be particularly beneficial to attorneys who have a large volume of personal injury or contingency fee cases – where the attorney, rather than the client, is footing the bill.

Since forming the company, I’ve focused exclusively on in-depth research and writing. That means no time consuming client meetings, all-day depositions or other matters that traditional associates are tasked with. Developing and crafting legal argument is what I do exclusively – and it shows.


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