Legal Writing Service for Criminal Law – Flat Fee

Did you know that I offer a flat fee legal writing service? Under this fee structure, I can perform all legal research and motion work for a particular case – for an affordable, flat-fee.

Since opening LRG, I’ve built several ongoing relationships with criminal defense attorneys. This type of fee structure provides the best of both worlds for criminal defense lawyers. First, you can obtain the benefits of a full-time associate. You get an experienced associate on-call, someone who can perform all of the intensive research and legal writing for a particular case. Since most defense lawyers are on a flat-fee model themselves, this allows attorneys to obtain my services within budget. You remain profitable while obtaining an expert research and legal writing service.

Since forming the company, I’ve focused exclusively on in-depth research and writing. That means no time consuming client meetings, all-day depositions or other matters that traditional associates are tasked with. I have a decade of legal research and writing experience – and it shows.

My regular clients routinely ask me to assist in formulating and developing legal arguments. I’ve worked hard to earn that type of trust, and with this type of flat-fee structure, you can add a ton of legal firepower to your criminal defense practice.

Not only do you get signature ready work-product, but you get the added bonus of having an associate that’s already familiar with the nuances of your case. Want to kick around some ideas or strategize about the case? Give me a call; I’m happy to help. My regular clients often use me as sounding board to bounce ideas off of. That’s a value-added service I provide, at absolutely no cost to you.

I can be a valuable asset to your criminal defense team. Give me a call today for a free consultation.

– Ryan Mazur

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